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Doctor's Appointment

Magnolia Bark, caring for the whole person is what we do.

A client-centered approach is utilized to assist individuals to reach the optimal level of healing.


Care Comes First

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Leachel Cook McMillan has been providing high-quality care to patients and communities for over 3 decades. She began her professional training as a Registered Nurse and graduated from the University of Mobile with an Associate’s Degree in nursing. She was recognized by several leaders in nursing as a skilled, compassionate, and highly talented Registered Nurse and was encouraged by those leaders to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science Degree through Phoenix University and later a Master’s of Science Degree in Nursing through Simmons University. 


Care by Professionals You Can Trust

At Magnolia Bark, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized medical care. We specialize in wound care, ostomy care, and more.  By continuously evaluating and upgrading our services, we ensure that all patients receive the best treatment for their needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.

  • Ostomy Care
    Cares for and advises patients with basic and complex colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy needs before and after surgery.
  • Wound Care
    Evaluate and treat various types of wounds, as well as the overall health of the patient.
  • Adult + Geriatric Care
    Adult + geriatric care- focuses on health care of the adult and elderly care with an aim to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults.

“Health is the vital principle of bliss, and exercise, of health”

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Covering the Care We Provide

 Magnolia Bark accepts a wide range of insurance plans, allowing us to provide care for patients where they are.  Browse through the list of recognized insurers for more information. If your health plan isn’t included, feel free to get in touch with us today to talk through alternative options.


The Answers You Need

We believe it’s important for you to feel fully informed and confident while making decisions regarding your health or the health of your loved ones. To help, we’ve included commonly asked questions and answers from past patients. If your question isn’t addressed, get in touch and we’ll provide the information you need.



“You’re a wonderful gift to me, and my life is better because you are in it… always good to all patients, we will never forget you.”

RBW-  New Orleans, La

"Thank you so much for all your efforts in helping patients heal from such difficult, painful conditions.  What you do is essential and valuable!”

LK - Slidell, La.

"God gave you the gift to be a NP and you are the world’s best!”


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